Abusing My Library Card

June 2, 2009 at 1:11 am (Library Late Fees)

In addition to buying too many books, I also check out from the library.  This usually ends up being a mistake because I forget to return them.  I also forget to read them.  Every week I visit the library at least once, accompanied with my trusty list of reading material.  While gathering the books on the list I usually hear other books calling out my name.  These books always have a catchy cover or poetic title promising hours of entertainment.  Needless to say, they must come home with me, doomed to sit together in a pile until they are overdue. 

I have the best intentions of reading these books, but somehow they remain unread as I move on to some other novel I read a review on or even a book that just happened to be resting beside my bed.  Last week I had to pay $4 in library late fees.  In my head I was cursing myself and thinking of the $1 hardbacks on the For Sale table, and the four treasures I could have found.

After being inspired by Nick Hornby’s essays on buying books and then not reading them, I will try to establish some library accountability by posting a list of library books I check out.  Maybe this will help me read them.  Or maybe it will just reveal the depths of my illness.

Before I share my list keep in mind that I have an explanation for checking out each book.  Something led me to each one.

The Song Reader– Lisa Tucker

Anthem Of A Reluctant Prophet– Joanne Proulx

Big Mouth & ugly girl– Joyce Carol Oates

Swann’s Way– Marcel Proust

I will keep you updated on my reading.  Or maybe my disappointment in myself for allowing them to collect dust and more late fees.


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